Want to showcase your son or daughter's skills and talent?

Sports Recruitment Videos is the perfect solution. We take clips of your child playing their sport, edit them together into a beautiful video that highlights their skill and talent. This is an excellent way to get noticed by college coaches!

Our Packages

what we do:

Sports Highlight Video


All Sports! One time fee. Up to 15 Clips.

Sports Highlight Video


All Sports! One time fee. Up to 25 Clips.

We will give you a link to upload your videos to our server.

We provide you with a document to highlight the clip and timestamps for the plays you want to see.

We will upload your video to YouTube or make it available for download.


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$99 Sports Highlight Video

Fixed price. Up to 15 clips

7 Days

We are available 7 days a week

Highly Responsive

We work together with you to position your athlete in the best possible light


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